I Live and Breath Music!

Hi, I'm Cam

I am a musician, songwriter and mentor. 

I have 24 years of experience as a musician, with 17 years of songwriting experience, and 15 years of live performance experience.

I started humming to guitar chords in the early 2000’s.  I made sure my family couldn’t hear my screechy voice because I would play inside the car sitting out the front of the house.

My friends once found my recording of the first ever song I wrote, and decided it would be hilarious to play it, loud, through the speakers. I didn't want anyone to hear my music. It was a humiliating experience.

Luckily, it didn’t stop me.  

Over time, lessons learnt, effort and consistency, I grew into a grounded yet unashamed singer-songwriter, played with bands, recorded more stuff, and made some epic events.

The reward is that I am now comfortable in sharing my music with people whenever and wherever, without hesitation. 

The lessons I learnt along the way, I now apply in my mentoring classes in the DIY Musicians Academy, for those who are ready to embrace their own individual artistry.  

Oh how the times have changed.



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