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- What Is It? -
Open Sesame is a monthly event in which people come together to meditate, dance, and express themselves.

Using Cam's original music, and verbal guidance, the dance is created to help people fully express themselves through sound and movement, and to unlock and release unexpressed emotions through a journey of sound and movement over a 1 and a half hour sound journey.

This is a space in which to deeply immerse one's self in a musical experience, without the distractions often encountered when witnessing live music at a regular venue.

- How does it work? -
The music will start you off with a warm-up dance that leads into a sitting down meditation, to draw presence to the breath, and connect with yourself.

You will be taken through an odyssey of sounds, genres of music including ballads, soul, hip hop, reggae, tribal and acoustic. Each genre is used for different purposes.

The facilitator directly uses a form of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) learned from Life Coach/Philanthropist/New York Times Best Selling Author Tony Robbins.

The music is used to induce the different states, to open up your nervous system, and help you express and go deeper into each emotional state.

NLP is a technique used to reprogram your non-serving beliefs and thinking patterns, re-associate them with pain, and establish empowering thinking patterns and re-associate them with pleasure.

But on the lighter side of things, it is a dance, with awesome music, and we have a great time.

- Who is it for? -
This is for people that want to connect with community in an authentic and healthy manner.
This is for people that love live music.
This is for people who love to dance.
This is for those who are wanting to replace non-serving thought patterns, and claim the life of their dreams.
This is for people who want to develop their emotional awareness and ability to authentically express through sound and movement.

~~~~~~OPEN SESAME!!!~~~~~~

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