It’s time to crank your music online.

oh yeah.

Get clarity and guidance in this bootcamp so you can churn out tracks left, right and center, like it ain't no thang. 

The next Song Genie Bootcamp starts on Monday March 1st 2021, and I'm only accepting 5 people.


Are your songs not seeing the daylight because of your insecurities?

This bootcamp will help you stop giving a crap about perfect, and let people experience your music.

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The Song Genie Bootcamp will help you:

Write songs with more intentionality and clarity, on demand.

But not just write them, actually finish them, without all the procrastination and self doubt!

Produce songs with minimal gear and minimal experience.

Surpass expensive producers, mastering, gear and just focus on turning your idea into a recording you can share, as fast and easy as possible.

Build your social presence and following online.

Get validated, seen, and applauded for your talent, and your hard work. Give people an experience they can enjoy. Connect with people in the industry.

Make money from your music.

You can use your songs / videos to promote a Patreon members page, merch site, to sell tickets to a live event and more.

Below is a song and video example of what you'll be doing!!

I've made 21 song videos in 2020 and they improve and get easier each time. My first one sucked, so don't let perfectionism deter you.

The green screen part is easy, I can teach you all of that and walk you through it and hold you accountable :)

None of this really costs, this is all basic level - iMovie, GarageBand app, selfie camera on my phone, you can even just get a green sheet from op shop, otherwise $50 to $200 on Amazon, or you can just lay on the grass lol.

The hardest part is finishing the song, but I'll help with that too! We get 6 weeks together, and I can continue to give you regular support after that.

Absolutely no one in the industry is offering this, you won't find such a supportive, hands on and simple program, and if you did, it would probably be very expensive!

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'Fundamentally as a musician I'm fine, but it's really about believing in myself and getting it out there, which is all to do with DOING IT, and having someone there is SO valuable '

— Stev F, client of 6 months

What's included in my bootcamp?

The Song Genie Ultimate Songwriting Formula

From your initial 'earworm' all the way to fully produced song, The Genie Formula goes through 5 steps over 6 weeks to make sure you can churn out songs fast, WITHOUT procrastination, self doubt, overwhelm holding you back and having to outsource everything. We give you the fastest & smartest path to making stress free, consistent songs & videos that gain the attention of future fans & followers.

The Bootcamp - Small daily assignments via Facebook Live over 6 weeks

By having me walk you through baby steps, one day at a time, you will get the best results.

I have personally found this THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to run an online training. Most trainings either offer live seminars/webinars, or a do it yourself course. At these events I feel inspired but lose the inspiration 2 weeks later. Everytime I buy an online course I NEVER do it, lol.

But having experienced being run through each step live and being given time to implement on them instead of being overloaded with information, plus getting personal support, I was able to implement and get the results I was after.

6 Weeks Personal 1 on 1 Support

We understand some of the tasks may be foreign and become overwhelming, which is why I offer my time to help you succeed when you're not understanding something or facing a difficult roadblock.

The Weekly Genie Huddle

Meet the people you are working with in the bootcamp, connect, and maybe even work together. I find the weekly video call to be the funnest and most motivating part of the bootcamp.

This is a 6 week program for songwriters who want to stop having to outsource professional help and make releasing songs such a drawn out and hectic process.

I want to equip you with the skills and confidence to be able to turn your initial idea into a fully fledged DIY production and film clip in as little as one day. The process DOES NOT have to be overwhelming.

In this course we make it FUN AND EASY, so you can have regular tunes, grab attention and build your following.

If you hoard a bunch of your ideas, and rarely actualise on the 'create-complete-release' cycle, then this bootcamp is designed for you.

(HINT: This was me for 16 years, crazy perfectionist, standards too big for myself to fill, that I did nothing and just felt guilty instead.)


Search the hashtag #songgeniebootcamp on Facebook to see some past bootcampers videos and reviews of the course.

Make songs better, faster and easier.
Become a Song Genie.

This bootcamp may be exactly what you need to take your music career to the next level. Apply today by clicking LET'S GO to be one of the 5 joining us.


The Next Song Genie Bootcamp starts on Monday March 1st 2021, and I'm only selecting 5 people.